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10 FEB

Spaces in between: A Yin Yang & Mindfulness Workshop with Sarah Owen

Date: 10 FEB
Join Sarah Owen for 2.5 hours of introspective practice using yin yoga and self-inquiry as a way of investigating the more spacious inner realms. This workshop will explore a balanced (yin/yang) approach to practice, utilising mindful movement as well as...
17 FEB

Valentine’s Partner Yoga Workshop with Terri & Tam

Date: 17 FEB
Playing on the senses and awareness, cultivate a deeper heart connection with your partner through yoga centric activities in an afternoon packed with fun, laughter, and play. Set in a beautiful studio environment, come join us as we explore: ·        Breath...
17 FEB

Family Yoga Workshop

Date: 17 FEB
Family yoga is about connecting with your loved ones while developing body awareness, strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and self-confidence. Enjoy quality time with joyful music, creative stories, singing, dancing, yoga poses, relaxation and breathing. This class is suitable for all...
18 FEB

Jivamukti Inversion Workshop with Jo

Date: 18 FEB
Do you have a fear of being upside down? Overcome fears and develop deep inner confidence. Inversions are the most powerful group of yoga postures. When we turn our bodies upside down, we are literally turning our world upside down....
24 FEB

What your body is telling you: The Forensic Nutritionist Workshop with Fiona Tuck

Date: 24 FEB
Come and join us for a groundbreaking workshop where you can learn to understand your own body and what is it trying to communicate to you! Here at OM Collective we believe in holistic health and a huge part of...
25 FEB

Conscious Health Open Session with Jeremy Halpin

Date: 25 FEB
“These lectures are not only about health and about staying healthy. They are also just as much about life and about love . You will feel challenged and alive. Highly recommended!” An afternoon session of inspiration about how we feel...

An Urban Retreat with Unwind Retreats

Date: 3 MAR
IT'S TIME TO SLOW DOWN, REFLECT AND REJUVENATE In a world that is constantly in motion, it's important to make time for stillness. To unwind. Like taking a deep breath, a retreat can bring you perspective, clarity and a deep feeling...
10 MAR

The Art & Science of creating an Aromatic Blend Series

Date: 10 MAR
Simmi is a qualified Aromatherapist with over 25 years experience, she is asked daily about the uses and benefits of Essential Oils and that’s why she has created this series of workshops and how she knows they will be invaluable...


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