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Master Class: Advanced Asana’s with Tam

Date: 7 APRIL
On the first Sunday of each month our regular 9am vinyasa class extends to our 90min masterclass. These monthly masterclasses will be 90min Vinyasa style classes guiding you towards peak poses that may often be seen as too challenging or...

SOLD OUT! Power of Sound: A Crystal Bowl Meditation Journey with Karina Pupo

Date: 13 APRIL
Sound vibrations create powerful vibrations to unblock energy and relax your body and mind into a state of well-being and harmony. This workshop will help you feel complete relaxation, reduced stress, restful sleep for the nights after and may result...

Roll & Release with Paola Raffinetti

Date: 4 MAY
Paola is offering this 2 hour master class exploring the benefits of the massage balls, towels and yoga straps to encourage restricted muscles and fascia to release. Learn effective Myofascial Release Techniques to assist with injury, running, yoga, Pilates and...
18 MAY

Yin Yoga Teacher’s Workshop – Surrendering to Autumn

Date: 18 MAY
Program Overview Autumn is harvest time! It is a time for release and for letting go. This workshop is aimed at yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners. We will spend 2.5 hours exploring the application of Yin Yoga and Mindfulness as...


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