Om Collective


25 NOV

Meditation, Yin & Yoga Nidra Workshop with Sound Healing

Date: 25 NOV
Discover your own inner intelligence by cultivating stillness, focus, creativity and mindful meditation into your practice. Different meditations will be explored in lying or sitting Yin Yoga poses., enabling us to experience deep relaxation as layers of tension and stress...
25 NOV

Family Yoga Workshop

Date: 25 NOV
Family yoga is about connecting with your loved ones while developing body awareness, strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and self-confidence. Enjoy quality time with joyful music, creative stories, singing, dancing, yoga poses, relaxation and breathing. This class is suitable for all...

Master Series: Create A Sensual Aromatic Blend

Date: 2 DEC
In this Aromatherapy Series Simmi, The Aromatherapist will demonstrate why and how to create an aromatic blend to love your body, uplift your mind and nourish your soul. You will walk away knowing: Benefits of Aromatherapy for emotional, physical health...
15 DEC

Community Christmas Kirtan

Date: 15 DEC
'Stop and listen to the sound of your soul' -Brandon Bays You are warmly invited to this special Christmas Blissful Sounds Kirtan to come together as a community guided by our lovely teacher Caterina Quilla and muscians Arthur, Damien and others....


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