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10 FEB

Spaces in between: A Yin Yang & Mindfulness Workshop with Sarah Owen

Date: 10 FEB
Join Sarah Owen for 2.5 hours of introspective practice using yin yoga and self-inquiry as a way of investigating the more spacious inner realms. This workshop will explore a balanced (yin/yang) approach to practice, utilising mindful movement as well as...
17 FEB

Family Yoga Workshop

Date: 17 FEB
Family yoga is about connecting with your loved ones while developing body awareness, strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and self-confidence. Enjoy quality time with joyful music, creative stories, singing, dancing, yoga poses, relaxation and breathing. This class is suitable for all...
24 FEB

What your body is telling you: The Forensic Nutritionist Workshop with Fiona Tuck

Date: 24 FEB
Come and join us for a groundbreaking workshop where you can learn to understand your own body and what is it trying to communicate to you! Here at OM Collective we believe in holistic health and a huge part of...

An Urban Retreat with Unwind Retreats

Date: 3 MAR
IT'S TIME TO SLOW DOWN, REFLECT AND REJUVENATE In a world that is constantly in motion, it's important to make time for stillness. To unwind. Like taking a deep breath, a retreat can bring you perspective, clarity and a deep feeling...


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