Om Collective


The OM Collective brings together teachers from different styles and backgrounds, each infusing their class with their personality, creativity and lineage.

While each teacher will be different, classes will always include a grounding warm up, heating sun salutations, standing sequences and balances, heart opening backbends, detoxing twists, nurturing forward bends, a relaxation and an OM or two. We use music and aromatherapy (balms, essential oil and incense) to deepen the experience.

We’re guided by the belief that yoga should be accessible to everyone. We offer class options to suit every yogi at any age or level of practice.

If you are new to yoga we recommend that you please come to Hatha, Vinyasa Align or Yin classes so you can build a solid foundation and then after a few weeks you can try our more advanced Vinyasa classes. The beauty with yoga is that it is a life long practice, there is no end goal! So enjoy your journey, take it slow and embrace the changes your mind and body will gradually experience.

Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing style of yoga that links breath with movement. Expect to get warm with a little pace and creative sequencing. Suitable for those of you with a solid foundation of yoga.

Vinyasa Align classes move at a steady pace and focus on alignment and pose stability. Suitable for all levels of practice, especially good for beginners.

Hatha Yoga is a nourishing, gentle style with a focus on breath and stability. Suitable for all levels, especially beginners and those of you wanting to re-familiarise yourself with the poses and build strength mentally & physically with long holds.

Yin Yoga is the perfect marriage to your strenuous weekly workouts. A meditative practice with seated long and passively held stretches. Yin targets the deeper layers of the body and connective tissues, while offering you time and space to be truly still.


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