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Yin Yoga Teachers – Autumn Metal Element

Program Overview

Autumn is harvest time! This workshop is aimed at yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners. We will spend 2.5 hours exploring the application of Yin Yoga and Mindfulness as a way of nourishing and supporting the physical and energetic bodies, as well as the mind, during the season of Autumn.

We will engage in a Yin Yoga sequence for balancing the Metal element during Autumn (including focusing on the Lungs/Large Intestine meridian pair). We will also explore ways of adapting and modifying the postures to account for skeletal variations and differences in body type as well as ways of supporting injuries while practicing.

Please bring a notebook and pen – this workshop is a mix of practice and theory to inspire your practice and refine your teaching skills. You will take home with you a seasonal handout with an adaptable/variable yin yoga sequence for Autumn that you can use to help plan classes, as well as seasonal tips for embracing Autumn in your own yoga practice and daily life.

About Sarah Owen

Sarah Owen is among the leading Yin Yoga teachers in Australia and one of the first to introduce Yin
Yoga to the Australian audience more than twelve years ago. She has been mentored by Sarah Powers
(founder and author of Insight Yoga) for over a decade and is the only Insight Yoga teacher in
Australia, endorsed by Sarah Powers’ Insight Yoga Institute. Sarah teaches Yoga and Mindfulness
workshops and teacher training courses in Sydney, Australia. Her depth of knowledge and experience
shine through particularly in her Yin Yoga Teacher Training courses, which are well-received and
highly-recommended by graduating students.



Date: Sunday 1st March 2020

Venue: The OM Collective Sydney @ 40B Birmingham Street

Time: 11.30pm – 2pm

Cost: $65




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