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26 NOV

Staying Connected – Transitioning Couples Workshop

Creating an empowering conversation to facilitate the transitioning of your intimate relationship.

By acknowledging the profound shift to your relationship as you transition through the birthing rite of passage you can begin to create new pathways for maintaining intimate connection.

Simple, practical tools to enhance your everyday interactions that will inspire greater connection and harmony.

Many of us have not been taught the skills required for maintaining a healthy, empowered, connected relationship. Having a baby can be a time of major strain on relationships. Learning some simple skills and strategies can help to minimise the effect that having a baby might have on your relationship.

Waratah is an experienced facilitator, having presented intimacy workshops in Adelaide and Melbourne and now residing in Sydney. She works as a Sexuality and Relationship Therapist, General Counsellor, Yoga Teacher and Conscious Sexuality Coach from her private rooms located in the Erskineville Village. Through experiencing the ups and downs that come with navigating intimate relationships, parenting and running multiple businesses as well as many years of formal and self directed study in the area, she brings a wealth of lived and learnt experience. Her main passion is in facilitating an open, safe, fun yet grounded, spiritual yet practical, empowering conversation around sex, intimacy and relationships.



Date: Sunday 26th November 2017

Venue: The OM Collective Sydney @ 40B Birmingham Street, Alexandria

Time: 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Cost: starts at $145



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