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Spaces in between: A Yin Yang & Mindfulness Workshop with Sarah Owen

Join Sarah Owen for 2.5 hours of introspective practice using yin yoga and self-inquiry as a way of investigating the more spacious inner realms. This workshop will explore a balanced (yin/yang) approach to practice, utilising mindful movement as well as introspective long-held poses. Throughout the workshop we will practice meditation, including concentration methods and investigation methods with a mood of loving kindness and compassionate self-inquiry.

The ability to rest quietly in the inner space without ‘zoning out’ into that space is a subtle and highly-attuned skill. Dropping deeply inward, as we come home to ourselves, we will practice our capacity to remain lucid and clear in the more subtle and spacious realms of the body, heart and mind.

About Sarah Owen

Sarah Owen is among the leading Yin Yoga teachers in Australia and one of the first to introduce Yin Yoga to the Australian audience more than a decade ago. She has been mentored by Sarah Powers (founder and author of Insight Yoga) for over a decade and is the only Insight Yoga teacher in Australia, endorsed by Sarah Powers’ Insight Yoga Institute. Sarah teaches regular workshops and classes at various Sydney yoga studios. Her depth of knowledge and experience shine through particularly in her teacher training programs, which are highly-acclaimed and highly-recommended by graduating students.



Date: Saturday June 16th 2018

Venue: The OM Collective Sydney @ 40B Birmingham Street

Time: 11.30pm – 2pm

Cost: $55


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