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Self Love Session with Gracie Balev

The SUMMER OF SELF LOVE TOUR is bringing Gracie’s life-changing signature Self Love Sessions Workshop Experience to Sydney on Sunday,
8th December!!!

This transformational MindBodySpirit immersion empowers you to LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY, once and for all… to make the rest of your life the BEST of your life!
This is no-BS, real-deal personal empowerment like you’ve never experienced. More than a surface-level feel-good event, every Self Love Session is a deep dive into the soul to produce genuine and sustainable inside-out healing for your Self and Life.
Gracie specialises in healing and empowering women from a perspective of personal experience. She gets RAW and REAL with her audiences about
her own journey from self-hatred, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, physical and sexual abuse, and life-threatening illness, to the freedom of unconditional self-LOVE and unlimited wellbeing. She is IN THE GAME with you, sharing the precise tools that saved and
recreated her life, and empowering you to transform and upgrade your own.

Self Love truly is the greatest medicine. When you unconditionally LOVE ALL of WHO and WHAT you are, you become a Person on Purpose, a Master Manifestor, and the Author of your most Authentic life experience. Evolve your Mind as you Release Fear, embrace your Body as you Honour the Space of your Self and your Life’s Potential, and connect with your Spirituality to Welcome Love in limitless abundance.
Gracie’s Self Love Sessions include meditation, journalling, conscious conversation, experiential learning exercises, group Reiki healing by Gracie, group EFT (tapping), powerful tools for intentional self-care, methods for transmuting fear and trauma into love and inner peace, bear hugs, ecstatic dance and seriously HIGH vibes!

Your attendance comes with EXCLUSIVELY DISCOUNTED lifelong access to Gracie’s SELF LOVE SESSIONS ONLINE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM, as well as a very rare opportunity to experience a 1-on-1 Home Healing Session with Gracie!
THIS. IS. IT. The day that catapults your life to whole new level of LOVE.

Gracie Balev is a Holistic Life & Self-Love Coach, Reiki Master & International Speaker renowned for sharing her life-changing methods of SELF-LOVE with the masses.
Gracie specialises in empowering women & girls to align Mind, Body & Spirit, resolve root causes of self-sabotage, develop self-worth and confidence, transform trauma, reprogram limiting beliefs, heal poor body image & overcome all fear with love to manifest their best possible lives.  Her unique personal experience informs her professional expertise as
she guides thousands of women across the globe to health, healing and happiness through unconditional self-love.


Date: Sunday December 8th

Venue: The OM Collective Sydney @ 40B Birmingham Street

Time:  1.45pm 4.45pm

Cost: $45 book via




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