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Roll & Release with Paola Raffinetti

Paola is offering this 2 hour master class exploring the benefits of the massage balls, towels and yoga straps to encourage restricted muscles and fascia to release. Learn effective Myofascial Release Techniques to assist with injury, running, yoga, Pilates and other activities. You’ll feel like you’ve had a massage by the time you leave!


What is Myofacial Release?

Fascia is a connective tissue that connects every muscle, bone, nerve, blood vessel, and internal organs. In the normal healthy state the fascia is relaxed and soft. It has the ability to stretch and move without restriction. When you experience physical trauma or inflammation the fascia loses its pliability. It can become tight, restricted and a source of tension throughout the rest of the body.

Trauma such as a fall, whiplash, surgery or habitual poor posture has a cumulative effect over time and myofascial release can help. The Franklin Balls and other small equipment can assist in the release and break down of tight tissue. Some of the many benefits include: increased circulation and blood flow to the soft tissues, increased flexibility and range of movement, reduction in injury scar tissue, and pain relief.


You will learn techniques and skills that you can take home so you can bring this simple releasing practice into your daily life!


More About Paola

Paola began her love of movement through dance from an early age. Movement is the golden thread that has wound through her life. This eventually led her to discover Pilates when studying dance. Yoga came later and reaffirmed her belief in the mind and body connection. As she continues to soak up more knowledge, she’s realised increasingly what an important role fascia has become in how she views movement in her client’s bodies. This inspired her to create workshops to inform, engage and rediscover ease of movement. Your body responds to the way you think, feel and act.

Paola is open to new learning and her inspirations come from dance, Pilates, Yoga, the Franklin Method, Anatomy Trains and other techniques. These are techniques which can transform bodies and lives.

Paola enjoys working with any client, no matter their level or age. The broad spectrum of the techniques she uses ensure she will have something specific to your body and needs. Her work with all these disciplines (and who knows, maybe something extra by the time you join one of the classes) keeps her workshops fresh, interesting and challenging. Check out her website here



Date: Saturday May 4th 2019

Venue: The OM Collective Sydney @ 40B Birmingham Street

Time:  2.00pm – 4.00pm

Cost: $50 Members $40



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