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22-28 MAR

Osho No Mind with Inner Rebellion

OSHO No Mind

“Gibberish is one of the most scientific ways to clean your mind” Osho
Runs for 2 hours a day from Saturday 22nd March to Sunday 28th March 2020
A$420  |  $350 of paid before 13th March
OSHO No Mind is a one week process created by Osho to to empty the mind of all garbage, allowing a great silence to arise from within without verbalizing or analysing our past psychological experiences.
The process runs for 2 hours a day between 6-8am across 7 consecutive days. The first hour is continuous gibberish followed by one hour of sitting silently. This is a one week process and cannot be done on either just one day or joined half way through the process.
Saturday 11am to 1pm
Monday to Friday 6-8am 
Sunday 11am to 1pm
What to expect
The First Hour: Gibberish 
Just say everything that you ever wanted to say and have not been able to say because of civilization, education, culture, and society. Be very passionate, as if you are talking, as if your whole life is at stake. You are talking nonsense and there is nobody except you, but be passionate, be in a passionate dialogue. Saying anything that is moving in your mind, all kinds of rubbish – throw it out.
And say it in any language you don’t know! Use Chinese, if you don’t know Chinese. Use Japanese if you don’t know Japanese. Don’t use German if you know German. Shouting, laughing, crying, making noises … making gestures …. Sounds will come – utter them – and one sound will lead into another. Soon you will be speaking Chinese and Italian and French, languages that you don’t know. Simply allow whatever comes to your mind without bothering about its rationality, reasonability, meaning, or significance. For the first time enjoy that freedom – the same as all the birds have.
The Second Hour – Sitting Silently
“Out of this will arise the second part, a great silence in which you have to close your eyes and freeze your body, all its movements, gather your energy within yourself.”  “Now you are ready to go inwards with all your consciousness, with all your life energy. Move towards the center of your being. That is from where you have come and that is where everybody goes back” ~ Osho
“Deeper and deeper … the deeper you go, the more fragrant becomes the air. The deeper you go, suddenly flowers start showering on you. At the deepest point you are the buddha. The buddha means simply witnessing, pure witnessing. Just witness: the body is there, the mind is there, but you are neither.” Osho
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Date: Saturday 22 March – Sunday 28 March

Venue: The OM Collective Sydney @ 40B Birmingham Street

Time: Sat 11am – 1pm ~Mon – Friday 6am – 8am ~ Sun 11am – 1pm

Cost: $25



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