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Move. Make. Meditate. With Simone, The Mobile Yogi!

So you think you CAN’T meditate?! Well, you are not alone! Learning to meditate can be tricky not to
mention daunting… but not anymore! Simone Skinner-Smith, founder of The Mobile Yogi, has designed ‘Move, Make, Meditate’ a workshop ideal for yoga students wanting to kick-start their meditation journey in a simple and fashionable way.
The workshop stemmed from Simone’s own dirty little secret…. Despite numerous meditation courses, apps, and classes this experienced yoga instructor still could just not meditate. So instead of being ashamed, she looked into alternative forms of meditation and found Japa Meditation…a simple practise which really is like putting on the training wheels of the ol’ meditation bike. Japa meditation works on Dhyana – the 7th limb of the 8
Limbs of Yoga which is single pointed focus, preparing the mind for mediation.
‘Move, Make, Meditate’ is 2-hour workshop and uniquely fuses slow flow yoga, meditation and bead-making. Students will arrive to find their own yoga mat, printed hand-out, and bead-making tray with all the utensils (string, beads and tassels) required to make their own mala meditation necklace/bracelet. Simone will educate them on the benefits of Japa Meditation, will get them up
and moving to some gentle yoga flows, and will instruct them on how to make their own mala necklace for Japa Meditation.
What do students receive?
Students will take home their own individual mala necklace that they have designed and made in it’s own canvas pouch and also the printed hand out so they can continue their meditation practice at home. They will also have the opportunity to purchase extra beads, charms and items to personalise their mala.
What type of mediation is this?
Students will be educated in Japa Meditation – an ancient form of meditation practiced by yogis wherein the individual silently repeats a mantra or positive affirmation at the same time as counting the 108 beads on their meditation necklace. The practice promotes calm and inner peace and helps the individual to focus the mind on this one simple task. Japa Meditation is a simple technique to introduce beginners to meditation and is easy for them to continue in their own time.
Places are limited so please book in ahead of time and we ask that you please arrive 10 – 15min early to get settled in 🙂


Date: Sunday April 29th 2018

Venue: The OM Collective Sydney @ 40B Birmingham Street

Time: 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Cost: $79


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