Om Collective

Jax & Jill’s Howl at the Moon Women’s Circle

We would like to invite women of all ages to gather in circle under this February’s Full Moon also known as “Hunger Moon” in the fiery sign of Leo.

What to expect…

Flow through an evening of yoga, art and meditation

Exploring what it is that we really hunger for

Unearthing what our soul deeply craves?

General run down of the night:

We will introduce ourselves and ask everyone to introduce themselves, we’ll run through some journaling and a guided meditation and yoga class (open to all ages, levels and abilities) and conclude with a guided visualisation arts and crafts style collage making.

The theme for this months circle will be vision and goal setting for 2020.

A bit about us:

We are two women from Sydney, Australia, on a mission to help empower other women to create more balance and inner harmony in their lives and within themselves. We’re passionate about giving others the tools that they need on their journey through the power of mindful movement, sacred ritual and storytelling…

Celebrating women

who show up, stand up

and speak up for themselves.

We want to embrace this charged, masculine energy of the Leo Full Moon and go on a journey of discovery of what it is our souls are yearning for and help you create your vision and goals for 2020…

What are you craving? What are you REALLY hungry for?

What are the parts of your Self and in your life that might be in draught and famine?

We want to explore the idea of famine and this soul hunger a little deeper and remind ourselves that even in a desert new life can grow. Like the cactus, symbol for resilience and endurance, with its ability to stand up to the test of time and the elements and, under the right conditions, can come into full bloom when the time has come.

We hope to embody a new way of reaching our goals, by consistently showing up for ourselves and never losing sight of the bigger picture, by nurturing and being kind to ourselves and by embodying our natural state of flow, connected to the subtle cues of our own inner cycle and that of the planet…and then bring those creative ideas into focused action, completion and take them out into the world in full bloom.

Would be great if people could bring a journal and their  most creative Self.

We will serve homemade (vegan) chai and (vegan)banana bread.

*All materials for newcomers are included in the ticket, previous attendees have been asked to  bring back their art box (from last time) ☺  People  are also welcome to bring an image, photo or magazine cut out as a visual representation for something they would like to bring into their life in 2020.

N.B Part of the proceeds from this circle will go to WIRES & The Wombat Foundation.

Please feel free to reach out to either of us with any questions or anything you might need from us.


Jax & Jill


Date: Saturday February 9th 2020

Venue: The OM Collective Sydney @ 40B Birmingham Street

Time: 6.30pm – 9pm

Cost: $44



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VISIT 40B Birmingham Street, Alexandria 2015


CALL US ON 0428 383 672