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10 MAR

The Art & Science of creating an Aromatic Blend Series

Simmi is a qualified Aromatherapist with over 25 years experience, she is asked daily about the uses and benefits of Essential Oils and that’s why she has created this series of workshops and how she knows they will be invaluable to you!

In this series each workshop is designed to empower you with knowledge to soothe, heal and cleanse with essential oils and Aromatherapy. You’ll learn to create your own essential oil toolkit and know how and when to use your oils and blends safely and effectively. Whether it’s for pain relief, skin health or to use on an emotional level, you’ll discover natural healing wisdom’s that will enrich your life and your family’s well being.

These are a series of hands on workshops where you will explore the 5 Pillars of Health utilizing Essential Oils and Aromatherapy methods.

CALM for stress management and relaxation

SPIRIT for self reflection and mindfulness

LOVE for relationships including self love

ENERGY to motivate and maintain focus

PURE to cleanse and detoxify both mind and body.

The first in the series is CALM

  • Focus on essential Oils that will enhance stress management, help reduce inflammation in the mind and body, help balance hormones and deepen sleep
  • Understand the therapeutic benefits of 5 Essential Oils
  • Experience a demonstration and the various steps Aromatherapists utilise in creating a personal body blend for your daily massage to relieve tension, anxiety and stress
  • Learn about notes, fragrance and intention, how to create a blend that not only smells divine but will reduce the toxins in your life to create a healthy lifestyle
  • Create your own CALM Blend to take home and experience for yourself! Supporting you to unwind with a soothing blend that infuses feelings of calm and control.

To finish we will take a closer look at practical ideas to reduce stress and overwhelm in your life and how and when to integrate your new tools into your lifestyle .

No previous knowledge necessary, just bring a pen to make notes and a willingness to have fun!!!

What’s included:

Access to 100% pure essential oils

25 ml amber bottle

25 ml plant based vegetable oil

Taking home your own blend you created to experience the aromatic ritual for yourself!

For more info on Simmi check out her website here!



Date: Saturday March 10th 2018

Venue: The OM Collective Sydney @ 40B Birmingham Street

Time: 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Cost: $60


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