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Rebecka Potipa

Rebecka fell in love with yoga over 8 years ago. She has since trained and taught Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Rocket and pre & post natal yoga in Australia, Sweden and Thailand.

Her background is in alternative medicine focusing on aromatherapy, massage and healing. She recently started her journey as a doula and is passionate about supporting women on their journey to and in motherhood.

To me yoga is simplicity in its purest form. It is not just a practice on the mat but a way of life which brings peace, stillness and joy into all parts of me and beyond. When I step on the mat it is my sacred time to reconnect with myself, a time to disconnect from the busy world and to go within. It is there deep within that the real magic happens! Through yoga I have healed and strengthened my body, found direction and meaning in life and it’s helped me to live a more balanced and peaceful life.


Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga classes are a wonderful way for mothers to connect with baby, stay healthy throughout pregnancy and prepare for the challenges of labour & birth.

We work with strengthening and stretching the body in a gentle and mindful way as well as practise meditation and breathing exercises which help you to labour and birth naturally with more ease.

In the beginning of pregnancy there are a lot of changes within and we believe it is a time to rest and focus on nurturing through pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. We generally recommend starting yoga after your first trimester and/or at any time with permission from your caregiver.

These classes cater for experienced yogis as well as beginners. It doesn’t matter if you you’ve arrived at 36 weeks and have only just found time to join a class – don’t worry it’s never too late to start practicing and enjoying the benefits or prenatal yoga!

Prenatal Yoga is also a great way to connect with other mothers-to-be and establish friendships that go far beyond birth.


Parent & Bub Yoga

This is the perfect class for babies and their caregivers (mamas, papas, nannies, anyone who baby loves) to bond through loving touch, sight, sound, and movement.

Each class offers a nurturing, strengthening practice designed specifically for your postnatal body and spirit. Baby will be incorporated through song, play and movements designed to sooth, balance and stimulate all your little one on all levels.

Previous yoga experience is not necessary, and women who have practiced yoga before will find these classes are a great way to transition back to their pre-pregnancy practice.

What happens if my baby cries, or needs to be changed/fed?

We aim to create a nurturing and allowing space where you feel completely at ease.

Mums breast feed, bottle feed and change their babies in the class on the yoga mats 🙂  This class is all about you so keep mothering on during the yoga practice and make each class your own. Do whatever will make both you and your baby most comfortable.

When can I start?

We recommend that you start practicing yoga after your doctor has given you the all clear at your 6 week post natal check. If you’ve had a cesarean birth we recommend you wait 12 weeks or as per recommendation from your doctor.

Can Dads attend?
100% We welcome dads to attend with you, or they can bring the babies just by themselves 🙂


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