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Jo Day

From a very early age Jo embarked on a journey of self discovery.
17 years ago she went on a 10 day Buddhist retreat, that became a annual event for over the next decade and beyond that.
Finding her truth and heart connection through Buddhist study and meditation .
Around the same time she started practicing yoga, to assist with the physical demands of being a hairstylist
Jo fell deeply in love with the completeness of yoga.
Jo teaches from the heart, always with a focus on stilling the mind and is excited to share the gift of yoga on and off the mat.
In 2012 Jo became a proud Muma to Ziggy.

2009 500hrs Nature Care College
2011 200 hrs 1 month intensive teaching training with Paul Dallaghan , Samahita, centered yoga in Thailand
2018 60 hrs Mentoring course with Jeff Miller from Botannix


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